Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Next Big O and the Not So Big Mac

I can no longer claim impartiality as I watched Obama's acceptance speech. Here is one of those old style speeches that has everything in it, that is perfectly poised and perfectly pitched.

It made me cry in places as I watched someone delivering an inclusive and stirring speech and promise much more.

I know the right have doubted him from well before he came to the final round, but their criticism often came out sounding like they were finding a way to fault his strengths. They needed to spend more time on highlighting all the ways in which John McCain was the president America needs. And you don't do that by chasing the dirt on your opponent. If it's all about perception, that still points to Barack Obama having mounted a better campaign.

What do you do when things are grim? You promise change. You emotionally connect with people and emphasise that you are working for them, that this is their victory. You pay respect to your opponent and express a willingness to work with them. You are gracious while being firm in your resolve.

Whatever his actual presidency is like, President-elect Obama got off to a sterling start.


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