Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Misplaced sentiment (and religion I'd be happy to lose)

Let's reject the bullshit that equates ethnicity with religious preference and decries any attempt at critique as being 'racist' or 'prejudiced'. Religion, whether its enculturated or inherited, is a choice. As such it is capable of being judged good or bad.

My criteria for a religion that deserves no respect:

1. Any religion that demands you sacrifice yourself or the lives of others.
2. Any faith that believes the indiscriminate damage of lives or properties is sanctified.
3. Any tract or publication that asks you to suspend your own judgement and power of rational thought for some pre-ordained decree.
4. Any belief system that enforces repressive moral strictures.
5. Any ideology that commands the subjugation of women.

And that doesn't leave very many at all does it.

(If you think the execution of the Bali bombers makes them martyrs, then congratulations for taking bloodthirsty delusion to new levels. And for being insufferably stupid.)


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