Sunday, October 12, 2008

Right mess

Have you ever known a kid who was always blaming someone else the minute he did something wrong?

It reminds me a lot of US conservatives right now. Not the honest libertarians and the fiscal conservatives who dutifully pulled out their remaining hairs at the ballooning deficit, but the large voting bloc out there who took Bush at his misspoken word.

I argued with this one guy about the dangers of two and three trillion dollar budgets, much of which is spent on the War and pork barreling, only to have him tell me - repeatedly - that the US economy was fine.

Now that it demonstrably is not fine, he's wailing at the Democrats for forcing the banks to finance houses for poor people. So spending ________ a month on the Iraq War won't hurt the economy, but mortgages, which can at least be prosecuted, will?


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