Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mock, mock, who's there?

The same wit who despatched all academic pretension, and mopy pomo posers, with the postmodern generator (see previous posting) also has a generator for bad teenage poetry
(as if one were needed)

and band names, which aren't actually very good. But I suppose that's the point.

Really if you want good band names I can think of more than I can use. I mentioned Crowd Dispersal Unit as the name of a noise band and the same friend I mentioned it to later showed me the CD that a guy down in Melbourne had produced, using that name. Guess it's fame of a sort.
I would mention the name I have picked out for a funhouse shockabilly outfit but I don't want anyone nicking that. It's a quandary because it doesn't suit the songs I write and I can't see myself ever forming a band that it would fit.

I wasn't surprised to see that someone had picked up on the Wilhelm Scream. That struck me as such a good name the minute I heard it.


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