Friday, November 09, 2007

A word of explanation

The reason I've singled out Bosun of Mackay for opprobrium is not because we have different political viewpoints. For example, I would not use such immoderate language on a rusted-on Howard voter who believes that Work Choices is a way of increasing employment and that the trade-off in working conditions is worth it. I would disagree, obviously, but I would do so in polite terms.

Bosun of Mackay is a drooping dick because he is doing something that contains no value whatsoever. Even if his argument is that the true cause of global warming is cosmic radiation entering the Earth's atmosphere, being wasteful goes completely against the grain. I was brought up on a farm and our isolation and lack of access to resources meant that we were accutely conscious to use wisely what we had. We would never think of pulling a stunt like he/she did just to make some kind of daft statement.

I guess having to cart your own water and run out in the middle of the night to refill the diesel generator does wonders in bringing you to a direct understanding of how you are using resources; how finite and precious they are.

Don't forget too that this was an area that voted Country Party. We hadn't heard of a Green party and most saw Labor as the enemy. The only time I ever saw farmers protest is when something the government was doing directly affected them. I know there are few vocations where people start to think they are the essential cogs in the machinery but, trust me, no one has a thing on farmers in this regard. And that's largely because they are genuinely self-sufficient for so much.
So this emphatically has nothing to do with being of the Left or being a "greenie".

I've never been to Mackay. I understand it's a larger centre. I'm sure Bosun is an isolated case. Perhaps Midshipman of Mackay has a rainwater tank down the side and First Mate of Mackay has a solar panel on her roof.

The fact is that we do affects not just us and our future generations but everyone everywhere. Leaving on lights in rooms you're not using or turning up the airconditioner when opening a window would have the same effect is as boorish and infantile in its own way as any randomly hostile act and Bosun of Mackay deserves nothing so much as good kick up the arse.


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