Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What we're up against

Is it because we don't have so much to worry about in Aus, headless corpses haven't caught on, but there seems to be an aura of pig ignorance that even a cursory glance at the news should dispel. I refer to this comment regarding the Earth Day event, where households were encouraged to turn off their lights in a symbolic nod to the threat of global warming:

On Saturday night we also had our own protest at home - turned on every light in the house and the aircon too for an hour.

I will not be railroaded by zealots into feeling guilty and turning off lights to sit in the dark!

Bosun of Mackay (Reply)

Boy, that's some protest. How brave! How fucking goddamn revolutionary! This was a letter in response to an article from some journalistic lightweight named Andrew Bolt who devotes an inordinate amount of column space to condemning us greenie types for giving a shit (unlike Bosun of Mackay)

Instead of worrying about being 'railroaded by zealots' you inconsiderate cockhead, why don't you invest some time reading a real newspaper instead of the grubsheets you currently sully your, admittedly small, mind with, then you'd read the following:

The most authorative scientific report on the planet's health has found water, land, air, plants, animals and fish stocks are in "inexorable decline" as 2007 became the first year in human history when most of the world's population lived in cities.

The United Nations' Global Environment Outlook-4 report, released in New York, reveals a scale of unprecedented ecological damage, with more than 2 million people possibly dying prematurely of air pollution and close to 2 billion likely to suffer absolute water scarcity by 2025.

Put bluntly, the report warns that the 6.75 billion world population, "has reached a stage where the amount of resources needed to sustain it exceeds what is available."

And it says climate change, the collapse of fish stocks and the extinction of species "may threaten humanity's very survival".

[Marian Wilkinson, Environment Editor SMH 26/10/07]

But no doubt Bosun of Mackay will be wasting those precious neurons lambasting John Travolta for being a hypocrite and owning all those jets, or Al Gore for having an enviro-unfriendly mansion. Got news for you guy, your point isn't going to stop the polar icecaps melting and isn't going to stop you from appearing to be the selfish cretin you so obviously are.

[blogger's note: I have deliberately used immoderate language here to demonstrate ways in which the Right conduct debates. Insults instead of facts, unreason and reaction instead of thoughtful weighing of the issues, free of cant]


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