Monday, November 05, 2007

Gone Bush

I confess that I'm not much one for the fine arts. My main interest in poetry is in writing it - which is fine: if it's good enough for a young Leonard Cohen..
I don't understand opera never mind appreciate it. My last attempt at listening to classical music on my iPod shuffle resulted in me being bored; pretty much the same thing as happens when I listen to ABC National or 2MBS for any length of time. And most abstract art looks like rubbish to me.

The theatre is another area where my attendance is not enough to keep thespians in hot dinners, or two-minute noodles for that matter.
But I have this friend who writes plays.

So it was that I and my partner ventured down to Newtown to view the latest play he and his playwright-in-arms had written. I had seen a couple of his previous efforts at Short and Sweet Festivals but they are necessarily constructed differently and only one part of a larger bill. This was their first full-length effort and very good too.

Being from the bush proper, and living in the Blue Mountains, where the play is set, I could vouch for the 'authenticity' (although, being a comedy, this wasn't the primary requirement), McDonald's in Leura aside. The performance were all most animated and it could be reasonably called an entertaining night out.


At 4:07 pm , Blogger Iain said...

Thanks very much for the praise.

Though the highest praise comes from your vouching for our 'authenticity'.

As Brett is oft to remark "The trouble with research is that it works." (But, I admit, at no time during the writing of the play, or indeed after, have I set foot in the bush. Most of the details came from the National Parks website and Google Earth. Yes, we're that lazy.)


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