Monday, October 15, 2007

Made Marion

I held a rather large candle for Marion Jones when she was out there winning 200 metre races and long jump events. True, I was a school champion in these events so there was a point of identification. But the real reason was just basically that I thought she was hot stuff. I could picture having it off with the big black muscular babe and I was even huffy towards her weighty shotput lover.

So I was sorry to hear of her recent fall from grace. This had less to do with any sense of outrage that she used drugs to make her faster than all the other women (as longterm followers of this blog would have guessed) as the fact that she now has been stripped of her medals and may do serious jail time.

While I don't think she should keep her gold for beating competitors who were racing unaided, I do go along with the comments made when the same thing happened to Ben Johnson. "Sure, he was cheating. But he's still the fastest man alive"
Imagine now that Marion hadn't accepted the gingold that her coach proffered and she had been back in the field with runners like Gainsford-Taylor. It still would have been worth watching but not nearly so awesome as watching someone so far out in front of the field; drug cheat or not.


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