Saturday, August 19, 2006

Poll dancing

Surprising but on my home page is an opinion poll showing that 55% of people would not consider converting their car to LPG as opposed to only 41% that would. This despite the fact that the Federal Government has promised to pay for the operation.

I can't think of anyone not addicted to full strength super, worrying about using a 'less manly' fuel. And the cheaper cost (the push behind the government's latest offer) would be welcome when petrol prices are so out of control.

I'm wondering how many of the 55 per cent were thinking that liquid petroleum gas stinks, it alters something about the vehicle (and we're not talking utility so much as sin bin)and will go up anyway.


At 9:06 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the 55% are probably for more practical reasons (and possibly a bit of pure laziness and apathy). I believe the Govt is only reimbursing part of the overall cost and there are not actually that many servos at the moment that stock LPG. Of course it's only really a stock gap measure, and the whole notion of better, cheaper public transport infrastructure is not even raised.

At 6:45 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The WA government jumped on this gas-wagon and offered to fund the remainder of the cost. Now there is a six-month waiting list and the cost of the conversion (at some places at any rate) rose in days from around $3000 to close to $5000. Ain't free enterprise grand!


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