Thursday, July 27, 2006


Andrew and I have a long history, having moved into the same share house in Forest Lodge/Glebe when he was seventeen and I was twenty-two. He was just learning the guitar then so I've been around since the very genesis of his musical endeavour (although he probably could play piano before that)

We were in bands together. Well, one band: The Outofitsideofit who metamorphosised into Catch Him and Eat Him. We wrote all original songs and recorded the majority of them in one session, with limited takes. We make a good songwriting team.

Now Andrew has played in various bands like Bastard Rust (with Zeb Olsen), the Time Wasters, Azmodeus.. in and around the pubs of Sydney but his current band is the first, to my knowledge, that are playing songs I've written. Yes folks, if you head down to a gig where Nogudnik are playing, you'll get to see them perform "Face The Music" and/or "Just Like Daddy". Andy's also currently working on another of mine; "Anodyne", with some lyric changes to fit the tune.

It's all very exciting: with a name change from The Pits last year (when they realised there were half a dozen bands already with that name) they currently have a u-beaut manager who is getting them plenty of gigs. They've played the Excelsior, the Cat and Fiddle in Balmain (twice), the Hopetoun and the Mandarin Club; all since the start of this year. You can see their website here and get a real sample of what they sound like on their MySpace site

Incidentally, I will be getting a My Space site of my own and advertising my services as a lyricist. Nogudnik will feature prominently as friends.


At 3:34 am , Blogger Sherry Pasquarello said...

really cool!

At 4:06 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I believe what I read: "with some lyric changes to fit the tune"? The real question though is "when are they touring west, accompanied by their intrepid lyricist/roadie?"

At 9:00 am , Blogger Berko Wills said...

Yes well I wasn't too sure about that either. I told Andrew that that would be fine on the strict proviso that he vets all changes with me first. He's gone very quiet on this since.
Like most of my songs, once I get them to final draft, there's not too much lieuway for fucking with the formula.
But we'll see..

I haven't managed to get them as far west as Katoomba yet (Andrew asked me to shop their CD around up here and let publicans know that they were comprised of ex-mountains lads) and it would be a tall order with their "other commitments" but an enchanting notion.


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