Monday, June 05, 2006


Just got back from a week in Melbourne and loved the city. Full of beautiful parks and interesting (and very long) streets. The main objective was to catch up with old friends, Ross and Ros, as I'd promised I would visit when they moved across from Perth.

I got an update on old flames and old crushes, which was enlightening, and I shopped at the redoubtable Polyester. Now, while I thought this was a fabulous shop (and I wasn't wearing a raincoat at the time) and spent quite some time there before walking out with a Captain Beefheart video and a magazine on grass, it really doesn't surprise me to since discover that they've been raided. It's a street level shop with nothing signposting it as selling 'adult' material, yet there on the shelves was a fanzine with a blowjob in glorious B&W on the cover. They had plenty of other material to give old Reverends heart attacks as well.


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