Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Prime Ministry

  1. Edmund Barton
  2. Alfred Deakin
  3. Chris Watson
  4. George Reid
  5. Andrew Fisher
  6. Joseph Cook
  7. Billy Hughes
  8. Stanley Bruce
  9. James Scullin
  10. Joseph Lyons
  11. Earle Page
  12. Robert Menzies
  13. Arthur Fadden
  14. John Curtin
  15. Francis Forde
  16. Ben Chifley
  17. Harold Holt
  18. John McEwan
  19. John Gorton
  20. William McMahon
  21. Gough Whitlam
  22. Malcolm Fraser
  23. Bob Hawke
  24. Paul Keating
  25. John Howard
  26. ?

My list of all the Australian leaders since federation is this side of idiosyncratic, as is my wont. If you want a more conventional listing and biography, there are plenty of sites. Type in 'australian prime ministers' and you're away.

A couple of notes however: I have omitted knighthoods since a quick scan down the list reveals just how arbitrary these are. The very average Billy McMahon received a knighthood but Fraser, who has busied himself with high level charity work in his later years, has not. And Labor leaders, working class heroes to many, traditionally eschew royal patronage. Then, too, there are a number of instances in which a Prime Minister gets a second bite at the cherry after someone else has filled the role in the intervening years, making the chronological ordering misleading.

And I doubt anyone can get away with mentioning the Australian nation without giving the obligatory nod to Henry Parkes.


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