Wednesday, May 10, 2006

the dope

In among all of goodies dished out to keep the Coalition in power (aided and abetted by 'Bomber' Beazley, who bombs every production he's been in)is this item under Health

$20 million National Cannabis Control and Prevention Centre

I guess this centre will be sincerely interested in the following information quoted from a message board:

Cannabis has never been truly illegal. The only reason that prohibition of Cannabis persists in the U.S. is because people are generally ignorant of the plant's true value.

Cannabis is the only common seed with three essential fatty acids in proper proportion for long-term consumption. This is significant because 75 % of the diseases that are likely to kill us are caused by fat degeneration at the cellular level. Eating Cannabis seed can prevent, successfully treat and sometimes cure many serious illnesses.

Moral accountability for inducing scarcity of a unique and essential food resource does not exist in a free government. In addition, Cannabis is the best available source of vegetable protein on Earth. There are no laws that supercede the Natural right to eat.

Consider the effect of Cannabis prohibition in threatening global food security , as the UN has no research in progress to study the benefits of Cannabis cultivation for any reason. The credibility of the Food & Agriculture Organization is effectively cancelled, by their failure to recognize the unique and essential character of this vital organic rotational resource.

As far as 'marijuana' is concerned, in 1988, after a four year study, DEA Judge Francis Young identified it as "the safest therapeutically active substance known to man." In the 1920s Cannabis was used to successfully treat and cure alcoholism and other serious addictions.

but, in case they're not, and the government is just planning to interfere in the private lives of Australians for their own agenda, I have a few suggestions as to how this twenty million might be better spent, on something other than weed


At 3:06 am , Blogger Berko Wills said...

National 'Fake Degree Spam' Control and Prevention Centre

At 7:45 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...


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