Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gaydar Love

It seems timely to talk about homosexuality, given its prominence as a topic in film awards and legislative interest in gay marriage and property rights.

I'm straight but I don't hold to that as being some model desireous for all humankind. If there are little notches in the line segment of hetereosexuality then I'm along the part where they're laughing at a t-shirt that says 'Dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians'
Human diversity is there so why not celebrate? Buggery is as ancient as buggery and the preferred option of prominent citizens, even at times when it was scorned and driven underground. What makes a man or woman risk all to explore their "God given" sexuality? Could it be that it is not the fault of the parents or the arrant uncle, not the school or the scout movement, that makes you "turn out the way you are" But what does it do to an opponent (as if it was some political movement) of same sex coupling if you say that it's in a person's nature. If it's natural, what's your objection? You can only justify this mode of intolerance if you posit people who are born perfect to procreate and prostrate themselves at the altar and put a lockdown on onanism and everything, out of a love for the Lord. Snobbish cruel kind of god that would create people who patently do not fit this mold and then expect them to behave the same as his best buttoned up missionaries i.e. the tossers causing the most fuss about this issue.

So if an attraction is inherent to a person's nature then we should facilitate that. The rejoinder to that is that there are those who practice bestiality, incest, necrophilia, paedophilia and that's a fair point in a way. I suppose it comes down to numbers and history and, most importantly, the issue of consent. This is patently missing from the options listed, the neighs have it.

The problem with following the dictum not to love dick (considering chasteness is expected of women as well)and the requirement not to love rectum is that you end up with signs saying 'God Hates Fags'. It gives the bigot a weight that Joe Weiner Hates People Different to Himself doesn't carry.

It's easy to slip into a phenomenological view: I'm not attracted to the hairy arse of my fellow males so it must be wrong for someone else to have that desire. If another man is not attracted to female breasts then he's otherwise inclined. I don't see that you can privelege one over the other.

Before the term 'political correctness' had been coined I'd have been an "arse man" and it's ironic that the advent of the g-string and the skimpy bikini has occurred at the same time as the public vanishing/banishing of the arse man. It is the female derriere that has me captivated but it isn't difficult to see how easily this could transfer.

I have always been able to recognize male beauty and the aesthetics that makes a fellow otherwise appealing. It's only fair if we get Kylie Minogue and Elle McPherson that the ladies are treated to Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp (if I was a woman I'd probably like my men dark and sensuous, mysterious yet playful - and, having said that, no I'm still not gay)

Jimmy Sommerville was in town tonight and so were all the queens
Good luck to them.


At 5:34 am , Blogger Sherry Pasquarello said...

oh yes, dark sensuous, mysterious yet playful!!! i am actually drawn to a man's eyes and smile first, THEN some other parts! ; )

i have no problem with people's sexual orientation, as long as it's consentual, what business is it of mine?

the gay issue is just used as a smokescreen to keep attention from the real abominations in this world, hatred and crookedness and geed and such. makes a good scapegoat issue.now,

back to those dark...!

At 1:06 pm , Blogger RobNoxious said...

Homophobia is, at it's core, like most prejudices, the rejection of that which is other, coupled with the fear that that one might harbor the same desires.

I used to know a guy who was an avowed and vocal homophobe until shortly after college. He is very Gay and Out now. He told me he honestly did not know he was Gay previously.

This facinates me. I can't imagine not actually knowing your own orientation. I can understand hiding it, or denying it due to fucked up social stigma, but not actually realizing baffles me.

Then again, I was raised in a very sexually open household. My Mom is Bi, Poly, and somewhat Hedonistic. I myself am a very comfortable Hetro- Dom, but that's neither here nor there. I doubt I chose to be an Alpha Male anymore than one choses to be Gay.

In any case, thanks for checking out my Blog.


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