Friday, August 12, 2005

Naming the parts

Burkina Faso, a country with a name larger than the country itself.


There's a new free newspaper in Sydney; they hand it out as you're walking to the train in the evening. It's put out by the Daily Telegraph, which surprises me as they're basically undercutting themselves. It's even a better paper than the Telegraph with some innovative sections like 'Doom and Gloom', about all the horrible things people do to one another and others on Wacky and Unusual and Boring But Worthy (don't have a copy on me so I'm paraphrasing). The letters reflect the nature of the publication; most complaining about CityRail and various permutations: tried to do the right thing but still got fined for not having a ticket, passengers don't wear deoderant. I have mentioned before how I appreciate people leaving their paper on the train but yesterday's issue of Mx had some dil again berating 'lazy passengers' and saying that their excuse of leaving reading material there for others to read is as bad as those who don't clear their tables of food because 'it does someone out of a job'
Listen mate, leaving rubbish is an entirely different thing to leaving a newspaper (or other publication). The new free paper could be a different story since any passenger wanting one has probably already accepted their own copy (unless of coursse they get on at a station where they are not being handed out), but I have scored well from this "laziness" in a way I never could from an empty chip packet. The only thing lazy is this guy's thinking processes. I actually go "Oh shit someone's chucked the Metro in the bin!" Probably idiot features.


Just because I always feel compelled to mention these things, we have a new premier in Morris Iemma. He appears to have hit the ground running, announcing new initiatives that get to the collective heart of our concerns.


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