Saturday, August 06, 2005

In practice for the big one

I'm not a fun runner's shoelace but my son's been keen all along so it's just a great thing to be able to do and look back on (no I won't be running backward brandishing a camera phone)

I intend to do it at a more leisurely pace this time and just check out everything as we go along. It'll be fun to stroll to the drink stations and gulp slowly.

You'd think that a former runner, who counts sprinting among the few sports he likes to watch on TV, would relish the opportunity to run like a madman. But you see I did that last time and, while my name was listed along with all the other many many runners, you'd damage your eyes scanning the list. For my troubles, the left big toenail took a year to grow back. And a fun runner I had my blinkers on was nowhere near the same part of the pack when I crossed the finishing point (though I did look around)


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