Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Between the posts

re my Aussie Rules post. Of course there are those who would say "Tha's not football. But then they'd say that about gaelic football (no, I don't know how you'd find the reference amidst all that crap either), rugby union, rugby league (looks suspiciously like a blog from an Antarctic explorer, I know, but he does mention the game), and gridiron as well.


Of all the self-perpetuating Governor Macquarie's attempts to immortalise himself across the state (half our placenames it seems are either named for himself or his wife), the one he must be least proud of right now (looking down from whitie heaven) is Macquarie Fields. It's a state housing area that have taken their cue from the motley lot in Redfern. A couple of the dipshits were killed in a highspeed car chase. The crims fault, right? Not according to their uncouth kith. Apparently the cops shouldn't have chased them in their stolen car. I guess they should have stood and waved as the brats drove past and none of this would have happened. Too bad about the car's owner - known in more refined circles as the victim.

And, until we get a good Bushism to knock it off its pedestal, I have an early nomination for Stupid Comment of the Year, from one of the local women [spoken in a slow not-altogether-there voice]"Yeah, they're criminals... but they're not bad people"

And all this time I thought criminals were bad people. Silly me.
It's not impoverishment of funds that is the cause of the locals' woes; it's impoverishment of intelligence (or am I turning into Howard Sattler in my old age).


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