Friday, February 04, 2005

Game for a lark

What do you make of a simulation that calls itself The Real Mah Jong and then adds, confusingly(!), 'The Real Mah Jong is VERY ADICTIVE simulation of the real game of Mah Jong.'

Is Gnome Chinese Checkers really a game you'll want to play over getting out the physical board game, or an excuse to show off the programmer's skills? Or was it done 'because it was there'?


At 1:24 pm , Blogger Iain said...

Two points:

1) most Mah Jong games on computer aren't Mah Jong at all - they're puzzle games about removing matching Mah Jong tiles (known usually as Shanghai). So calling the programme "The Real Mah Jong" is meaningful, although silly.

2) "Gnome" Chinese Checkers refers to the Linux desktop manager Gnome and is a networked implementation. You can get out a physical board but it won't help you if you've got no-one else to play with. Which if you're really into Linux is probably the case

In that vein, there are gnome (and kde - the other popular desktop manager for Linux) iterations of Backgammon and Chess (and you can actually receive a ranking with the Chess program)

You're correct in saying they're programming exercises, but are they any more risible than an implementation of Klondike on a computer - that practically every Windows user has "practiced their mouse skills" on?

from your local Linux and games geek.


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