Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bomber backed

Once upon a time I might have been halfway happy at the idea of Kim Beazley leading the nation but the see-sawing is making me nauseous. Why is the Labor Party in such disarray? Why does it feel so tired and uninspired? Why does this even matter when the Government takes bastardry to new levels daily?

The only bright spot is that, really, the Libs had exactly the same thing happen with Howard becoming leader, being replaced, ascending again.. until eventually he was successful. Perhaps it'll happen for the ALP.

Meanwhile in the US Bush does the predictable thing and seeks to offset his massive deficit (caused by the phony 'war on terror' and his own stupid inattentiveness)by - cutting social programs to the poor. Waaaaay to go arsewipe.

Anyone who thought the oft repeated claim that Americans have no sense of irony only has to consider that the worst President of all time has also the greatest recorded number of votes and the swishest Inauguration party. As I've stated before, if the US has any intention of converting third world countries to democracy by showing how wonderful and fair their own system is then they've got buckleys if they keep going about it this way. Most of those countries already have nepotism, election cheats, reward the rich at the expense of the poor, imprisonment without trial, and torture. What message can the USA give them?

And you're right: I couldn't stay away from politics. It's fascinating in its sheer awfulness.


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