Monday, January 24, 2005

'04, get it

Kind of like pissing into the wind innit?
  • "Ara fat cat"
  • John Kerry, the man who got more votes than Reagan in his landslide victory in 1984 but is still disparaged as a 'loser'. (The only guy who I feel more sorry for is Al Gore who fucking won.) And the other is Ariel Sharon,Prime Minister of Israel.
  • (c)2004 the year of the documentary
  • Ray Charles Robinson - he shortened it so as to avoid confusion with boxer Sugar Ray Robinson
  • Britney Spears

If you were in a position to do so, what is the most offensive thing you could do in the wake of the tsunami disaster? How about donating fifteen million to tsunami relief then spending over forty million (the most ever) on the presidential inauguration? That, good people, is an absolute shitload of whistles and bells. I hope the real fat cats of this world got their money's worth.

Hands up who thinks that this vulgar display did anything for the cause of world peace, or that the rhetoric about coming to the aid of oppressed everywhere stands up to scrutiny, or that those poor oppressed took comfort from an event that would have fed and clothed entire villages into perpetuity and ended a sizable chunk of the disaffectation that brings about the conditions for a war on terror in the first place. Hands still up? Good, now at least I know whose arse to kick.


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