Monday, November 01, 2004

Are you going to disappoint all these people?

You say you're Christians and you love your fellow Man yet you're willing to disappoint all these good folk
How can you be so insensitive? Aren't you even going to read their spiel? Not even a little bit of it? Damn you guys are harsh.
And don't you recall the last guy that Billy Graham stood on the stumps for?!! His initials were RMN and he didn't like you one little bit, even if you did support him.

(Personally I'd like some Right wing hack to do some research and come back with a list of groups that were active at the time in opposing the Democrat nominee of the time or, hell, even a Republican - I don't recall a Reagans Against Reagan or Cyclists Against Clinton. I only hope that these groups put their money where their mouth is come election day or it'll be a repeat of the flaccid result in Aus.)




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