Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Howard you like it

In a way it's good that there's some separation in time between the last Aus election and me getting my typing fingers on a keyboard as I was suitably apoplectic at the dismal result and the sheer poverty of forethought and imagination that is the lot of the average punter. If not for that distance, my rage might just blow a crater in the whole Blogger site and cause fallout on monitors for miles around.

Refreshed by the balmy weather of the West and pleased at the success of our reunion with distant family members I shall attempt to put this into perspective.

Certainly both candidates ran a 'good' campaign; that is, they articulated their respective viewpoints clearly so that we actually had some kind of choice. Howard had it too easy against Beazley and Crean and we were badly in need of an old school Labor head stomper. Being in WA was beneficial as rellies who aren't glued to the Left in their broad voting patterns thought that Latham would gain support with more time in the job. In retrospect this was always going to be an obstacle. And at least this time the Coalition's strategy was closer to mainstream concerns about mortgages and management of the economy instead of playing to the ugliest parts of the gallery by telling lies about vulnerable people. They were appealing to cautious know-nothings rather than ignorant xenophobes.

Although I take no pleasure in having a dishonest lickspittle as PM at least his success can be explained (if you don't care about our status as a sovereign state and don't mind being constantly lied to and treated like a fool), unlike that thoroughly undeserving wretch further North. If you want to see me really upset then just try electing GWB


At 1:19 pm , Blogger Berko Wills said...

This was the last time I would have good things to say about Mark Latham. Twelve years later, most of us feel we dodged a bullet.

I actually saw John Howard many years later in The Strand arcade and it was like he just knew all those bad things I'd been saying about him; those beetlebrows locked into a ferocious glare.


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