Sunday, October 03, 2004

Do not go Gentile into that good night

A blog mustn't be all about pushing barrows and pushing envelopes - sometimes it can be to share elation. Maybe that's the best use of all.

Anyway I'm back in those early stages of being in love that make the last few years of loneliness as nothing. It's a funny time to be going to Perth to shove the kids in front of forgotten rellies but perhaps it's time to think.

I find it very hard to describe how I feel. I know that's strange because love is meant to make you happy but courtship is sweet agony she's not a computer nerd so will never read this - you think I'm mad more because so much is unknown. All I do know is I was immediately attracted to her and everything she's said since only delights me more. And she reminds me of the girl I had a crush on I couldn't act upon. Like I say, she's ideal. And she loves Tom Waits.


At 10:31 am , Blogger Iain said...

Congratulations, Grant.

But does this mean you're moving to Perth?

If she's not a computer nerd it's going to make a long distance relationship slower and more expensive.

Anyway, glad you're having a great time on your holiday.

PS: Our move went well. We're now living in a house! yay!

At 1:30 pm , Blogger Berko Wills said...

Thanks Iain. I'd forgotten I'd posted this but I posted it the night before I headed off on my Perth journey.

The gf in question is, thank the lords of several dimensions, in the next village up so there won't be a need for any long distancing. My last dalliance was with a girl in Baltimore MD and, while it kept me going, I'm not anxious to revisit the perils of distant romance. But, to answer your question, if I met someone in Perth then that would create a considerable quandary as I wouldn't want to leave my kids or my life here. I like a lot of things about WA but I had good reasons to leave and it really only commits me to jetting back every so often to catch up with everyone.

Congratulations on the new abode - looking forward to seeing it.


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