Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Going against

I fear that the only way I'll purge this fixation with George W Bush - otherwise known is some circles as 'Worst. President. Ever' - is if the bastard loses. I'd love to give the Americans credit enough to see through the most transparent man in politics but I don't so I'm crossing my fingers instead.

A consolation is that there are lots of people who feel the same way and there are all these delightful-sounding conflagrations: covering the spectrum from Babes Against Bush to Knitters Against Bush. I tried similar terms to see whether presidents past had this kind of grassroots opposition and it seems not. But when you've got a Commander-in-Chief with an IQ slightly above that of an actual clinically determined Moron then we are living in unique times. I wonder if among those supporters who are booing and shouting down any opposition, there's not the odd softie who is rushing to his defence the way one would the class clown or village idiot whose being attacked.


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