Friday, July 23, 2004

The skin you're in

Okay I'm not happy that there's trouble with access to this blog as that was the reason I created it (my Tripod one had just such issues) but I'll persist for the time being..

Talk about needing to know your audience: Linda Ronstadt lost her spot at a casino in the US for stating that Michael Moore was a patriot and everyone should go see Fahrenheit 911. Unobjectionable enough one would think. It only played a very small, between songs, part of her performance and the film is, after all, doing gangbusters at the Box Office, becoming the best performing documentary on its opening weekend. Yet it caused such affront to the larded Bush supporters in attendance that they went on a rampage, throwing their cocktails around and tearing her posters from the wall.
In Sweden, however, Bonnie Rait's dedication of a song along the lines of 'it's about to end' to the Bush administration drew a rousing reception of a different kind; she was cheered and applauded.

So if you're going to make adverse comments about a guy who cheated his way into office, blew the budget out to buggery, invaded a sovereign state under false pretences and got a whole bunch of people killed into the bargain, just don't do it around any unreconstructed Bush pigs, ja.


At 4:13 pm , Blogger Iain said...

Bush pigs

I like it.

At 12:29 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only it were that easy. Isn't the whole situation a bit more complex?



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