Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Park where you like

Friday, February 04, 2022

Colon eyes

It is four thousand kilometres from Botany Bay to Rockingham via Midgee. I haven't got a map to show me  how much 69.5 million hectares would encompass but it would take out the capital cities. This could be one factor as to why the majority of such forests are in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

It's 4,956 kilometres from Botany Bay to Woodleigh (the closest I could get to Dirk Hartog Island given that Google Maps isn't set up to measure how long the last part takes by speedboat or canoe.) 

There are 3,225 k's between Botany Bay and Cape York Peninsula, charted by Willem Janszoon in 1606 

3,417km to Jardine River - again accounting for the fact that no ship sails from Botany Bay to the Torres Strait Islands or, if it does, the current Web maps don't cover the journey.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Forest for us

There is news for both sides of the political divide as far as forests are concerned. It is sobering to the Left to note that 1.1 million hectares (30%) of the Rainforest forest type are on private land while equally notable is the fact that 

 More than half of Australia’s forests (69.5 million hectares, 52% of Australia's forest area) is identified as part of the Indigenous forest estate as one of four broad Indigenous land tenure and management categories: Indigenous owned and managed; Indigenous managed; Indigenous co-managed; and Other special rights. About 69% of this forest area is in Queensland and the Northern Territory.​

[Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment]

So, instead of the usual standby of dodgy quotes or insult, a future debating point might be in the above paragraph. At least in response to some bright bushy-tailed commentators suggesting land be 'returned to its owners'. Those who make their living by axe and chainsaw, bulldozer and brushcutter, may find cause to oppose restrictions on their trade on the basis that there is so much land still forested.

(Not that I'm suggesting that the resentful and destructive switch tactics. We win the debate, they win the election.)

Friday, December 10, 2021

Forest, folk

When we last looked at forests, in August 2012, we saw that Australia was the sixth most forested country. We've had five different prime ministers since then so who knows what state our state forests are in.

Forests Australia page tells you all you need to know. This is the overview:


Australia has a total of 134 million hectares of forest, which is equivalent to 17% of Australia's land area. Of this total forest area, determined as at 2016, 132 million hectares (98%) are 'Native forests', 1.95 million hectares are 'Commercial plantations' and 0.47 million hectares are 'Other forest'. Australia has about 3% of the world's forest area, and globally is the country with the seventh largest forest area.

​Queensland has the largest area of Australia’s forest (51.8 million hectares—39% of Australia’s forest), with the Northern Territory (23.7 million hectares—18%), Western Australia (21.0 million hectares—16%)​, and New South Wales (20.4 million hectares—15%), making up much of the balance.

Integrate Sustainability also has valuable information.

Types of forest in Australia

 Other prolific tree types



Saturday, November 13, 2021

Allege a ledge

There might be some parks and forests to document but, while still on the subject of knowledge as an overarching thing that people have to varying degrees, I failed to mention the Champion. Another tractor but with a name that could foil a Trove search by throwing up a list of unrelated champions or - adopting the opposite strategy - overlook others when the search is narrowed to 'Champion tractor' as, I imagine, not all will spell this out in full. There will be unrelated posts that happen to include both 'champion' and 'tractor' yet be about different tractors. And then there will be casual mentions of the 'Champ'.

The role of a librarian/archivist type here would be to sift through all the searches until only the relevant ones remain; a task made quicker if one is only searching for, say, magazines and journals rather than including other sources. Just as the role of the wedding photographer hasn't died out despite everyone at the event having a camera phone, the DJ hasn't lost his job despite everyone being able to stream music for an event, there remains a need for someone who can process raw data and weave it into something useful; a professional who can produce a better result or enhance it in some way.

Friday, October 15, 2021

No ledge for knowledge

 We looked at the limitations of online directories and compared them to encyclopedias and dictionaries. What was the situation when we were all offline 24/7? I use the comparison between the Massey Harris and Massey Ferguson, the latter being a tractor we had on the farm but from Grandad's time more than Dad's who moved to Case and then Steiger - yes, the bigger and bigger approach which has had its problems in other places but we kept our shelter belts and dams.

If I was really curious about differences, since I was driving tractors twelve hours a day at times, the paternal part of the fa(r)mily would tell me that there'd been a name change because of new owner/partnership and left it at that. I might have got a dusty old leaflet from the dealer and see how the specifications matched or been prepared to waste valuable time scouring the local library to see if it had been covered by the rural magazines. The first probably threw out manuals for obsolete models and, if I had been dropped off at the library, I would have gone for reading material that had my interest rather than something that would satisfy a fleeting curiosity in what we did for a living.

Nowadays I would come armed with the knowledge as to which journals held the appropriate article and where they were located but also the likelihood that I could get what I want from a quick search.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Here we are in New South Wales

So we lost our Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, and our Deputy Premier, John Barilaro, in the space of a couple of days. Gladys was being chased by ICAC and Pork Barilaro? Well friendlyjordies was being mean to him.

The new crew are Dominic Perrottet and his handy National offsider, Paul Toole.