Saturday, November 13, 2021

Allege a ledge

There might be some parks and forests to document but, while still on the subject of knowledge as an overarching thing that people have to varying degrees, I failed to mention the Champion. Another tractor but with a name that could foil a Trove search by throwing up a list of unrelated champions or - adopting the opposite strategy - overlook others when the search is narrowed to 'Champion tractor' as, I imagine, not all will spell this out in full. There will be unrelated posts that happen to include both 'champion' and 'tractor' yet be about different tractors. And then there will be casual mentions of the 'Champ'.

The role of a librarian/archivist type here would be to sift through all the searches until only the relevant ones remain; a task made quicker if one is only searching for, say, magazines and journals rather than including other sources. Just as the role of the wedding photographer hasn't died out despite everyone at the event having a camera phone, the DJ hasn't lost his job despite everyone being able to stream music for an event, there remains a need for someone who can process raw data and weave it into something useful; a professional who can produce a better result or enhance it in some way.

Friday, October 15, 2021

No ledge for knowledge

 We looked at the limitations of online directories and compared them to encyclopedias and dictionaries. What was the situation when we were all offline 24/7? I use the comparison between the Massey Harris and Massey Ferguson, the latter being a tractor we had on the farm but from Grandad's time more than Dad's who moved to Case and then Steiger - yes, the bigger and bigger approach which has had its problems in other places but we kept our shelter belts and dams.

If I was really curious about differences, since I was driving tractors twelve hours a day at times, the paternal part of the fa(r)mily would tell me that there'd been a name change because of new owner/partnership and left it at that. I might have got a dusty old leaflet from the dealer and see how the specifications matched or been prepared to waste valuable time scouring the local library to see if it had been covered by the rural magazines. The first probably threw out manuals for obsolete models and, if I had been dropped off at the library, I would have gone for reading material that had my interest rather than something that would satisfy a fleeting curiosity in what we did for a living.

Nowadays I would come armed with the knowledge as to which journals held the appropriate article and where they were located but also the likelihood that I could get what I want from a quick search.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Here we are in New South Wales

So we lost our Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, and our Deputy Premier, John Barilaro, in the space of a couple of days. Gladys was being chased by ICAC and Pork Barilaro? Well friendlyjordies was being mean to him.

The new crew are Dominic Perrottet and his handy National offsider, Paul Toole.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

You get the picture

Twelve posts about movies is sufficient. Seven television entries, ten radio broadcasts, and fifty two plus pieces on newspapers.

You can do what you like when you blog. I get emails from a service telling you how to monetise your blog and complaints and pleas from same source asking why I don't open said e-mails. Yes, marketers have subjected me to countless ways to get email lists and make a commission promoting some product on Instagram. Letting a blog have a bit of runaway narrative doesn't accord with such mercenary means.

If your interest was piqued on the subject of undiscovered drive-ins of WA, Drive-Ins Downunder can help.  

Adding a further two years charitably to the amount of time Touched By The Son has given to the arts means that we can pretend all we like that we are idiosyncratic, eccentric or eclectic; these tics and tricks have been tried before. By other bloggers just as employed in some other field than their tertiary studies might first have prepared them for or retired early on a generous super package.

This is no good for those interested in some of the hobbies we've happened upon and the end result of letting the blog take over is a bunch of dangling hyperlinks that were cool at the time, along with discoveries that have held on against the odds and the few concessions to the titans. 

The chance that Blogger and Blogspot and Tripod will continue to host individual outporings is enough to add more as each new thought pops up. I do this because social media is selective and forgetful, working on one's own webpage(s) is dependent on keeping up with the the tiresome tinkering and - most importantly - if it does survive, because it is a record of things I forget as I get older or develop a different feeling or attitude towards or as time overtakes each sentiment.


I got to hock my book on a zoom of local poets reading hosted by local bookshop RoseyRavelston Books. I read first a piece I'd published on the PK List, which is an email poetry list I'm a longstanding member of, called Border Crossing then followed it with It's Funny You Should Say That and With You In National Spirit; both from the book.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Watching each other

Why doesn't he mention Truman Show?

While Ben Elton may have captured the effect of finding entertainment in the actions of others - skewering it in his inimitable style - surfers of the Web don't just mind each other's business, they have a shared interest in cinema. With a virus keeping viewers at bay, opinions and insights about what we're watching is still of interest.

You can download movies through Usenet and they're a natural enough topic of conversation in newsgroups. Take your chat to message boards, ponder the effect of social media on cinema audiences.

Cinema Jam tells us through their online magazine The Spread their Top 10 Movies About the Internet


This may be a little abstract but let's run another comparison of media; this time looking at truth conditions. One should check the definition of course but a search tells us of a style of documentary film making called cinéma vérité and the journal Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy ponders Can Cinema Be Thought?

Palgrave Studies in Pragmatics, Language and Cognition published in 2005 Linguistic Meaning, Truth Conditions and Relevance. Yours for only 109,99 € or 93,08 € for the eBook. 'The main argument of this book is that the notion of truth plays no role in speaker-hearers' interpretation of linguistic utterances and that it is not needed for theoretical accounts of linguistic meaning either.'

Ceasefire magazine features Alain Badiou (whose name comes up when this subject is mentioned): Truth, Subjectivity and Fidelity

Given its academic bent it's no wonder that a look at newspapers is scholarly.  Given the successful - though irrational - gambit by a liar and cheat to question the validity of news reports and get others to do the same, truth conditions is a natural aspect to examine. Try finding anyone who subscribes to the fake news mantra reading Punch and the Tribune, never mind

Pragmatics of Truth and Modality in Newspaper
Editorials: An Example of the Punch and the

 If you do read such material, you don't need convincing that journalism has its place and, while respecting critics who cast doubts on the accuracy of reports, politicians doing the same is a different matter; especially when the investigation is about their dealings.

Radio does get a mention in this paper (which actually looks at truth conditions). Television in this paper. Theatre in The Conversation.

You could just look it up on the Internet.

It's a bit hard and abstruse to make good blockbuster material, however necessary or worthy.


Friday, July 16, 2021

Return your speaker

Dead End Drive-In is postmodern and self-reflexive but probably not marketed that way. There's breaking of the fourth wall in Blazing Saddles and a fourth wall that's already broken in Deadpool

The Picture Show Man is about a man, his son, and a piano player traveling round Australia showing the first silent movies.

 Movie 43 takes aim at the producer,  8 1/2 at the director. The Aviator is a biopic of Howard Hughes, the famous director. Sunset Blvd. (1950) 'A screenwriter develops a dangerous relationship with a faded film star determined to make a triumphant return.'
While no doubt relishing the chance to test their chops, actors playing Charlie Chaplin and Peter Sellers should theoretically apply the same research and attention to detail as they would playing any other role. In addition to looking good on the CV, I can see some dimension where say Sellers plays Geoffrey Rush. The page that tells you of the seven actors who've played Orson Welles doesn't exist.
Drive to see one of a number of films about stuntmen or stay in to watch one on film making.

If they have shown signs of an uneasy relationship, film and television are fine; with movies about television and a host reminiscing about drive-ins on television and showing the screen classics.

Films about journalism show us what goes on in the newspaper world, as much as the story being covered. Large sections of the Press are concerned with Hollywood and the silver screen.

Books about cinema ''BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on recommendations by thought leaders and experts."
LIFESTYLE.INQ relates films with a love for books.

Films about magazines (or the magazine industry) and naturally the reverse.
Journals discuss film but the nearest I could find in returning the favour were films about academia - which can get general. 

Cinema is discussed on the radio and we can see behind the scenes in films set to radio. Film theatre and play to the camera.


Cinema is ephemeral in a sense as many places showing film did not appear in the lists I share. How do I know? Because we went to the Mukinbudin Drive-In every Saturday when the pictures were suitable for children. If there's a drive-in at Muka there must have been one at Nungarin?

The mention of halls and theatres does remind you how temporary the arrangement for so many film screenings. Cinemas become historic buildings or serve as markers for tourists.


Friday, July 02, 2021

Jaffas down the apple isle

 This former theatre in Hobart has a two-bedroom apartment -